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Hatching Eggs

Our hatching eggs are collected daily and inspected for imperfections. For local pick-up, eggs are collected within 7 days of laying. If being shipped, eggs are collected within 4 days of laying.

As we regularly hatch our own eggs, we keep a close eye on fertility to be certain that our roosters are doing their jobs. Hatch rates are not guaranteed as there are too many variables with incubators and broody hens that remain beyond our control. I do guarantee good fertility. If you have problems that I feel are from rough handling during shipment/long transit times/ or fertility problems, I will make it right. This is assuming you have….. 1. Alerted me when your eggs arrived. 2. Candled eggs at roughly 7-10 days, and communicated your findings. 3. You have used an adequate incubator, and if asked you have sent me a picture of your incubator with my eggs in it.  4. Been reasonable and fair in your expectations.


Black Copper Marans - $40

Polish - $35

Olive Eggers - $30

"Rainbow Dozen" 

A beautiful and colorful assortment of eggs from each of our breeds, Black Copper Marans, Polish, Olive Eggers (both F1 and F2). First generation olive eggers will be blue eggs.



Eggs are carefully packaged in foam egg shippers and mailed via USPS Priority Mail. The foam egg shippers and designed to fit into USPS Medium Flat Rate boxes. They fit snuggly and the eggs are well protected. The flat rate set by the USPS is $18.40 and the foam shippers cost us a little more than $7 each. We are not making money on the shipping and feel that this is the best way to get you your hatching eggs safely and quickly. You will receive a tracking number when your eggs are shipped so that you can watch their progress. 

Shipping cost per dozen - $25


From time to time we will offer newly hatched chicks for sale. Chicks are available for local pick-up only. All chicks are straight run. Minimum purchase of at least 2 chicks.

Black Copper Marans - $12

Polish - $8

Olive Eggers - $8

For availability, please check our facebook page or email me -

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