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Dairy Cows

A2/A2, grassfed

In 2016, our family started renting a home on a Mennonite dairy farm. By December of 2017, we had our very own family milk cow. Cocoa was only 2 weeks old when we got her. She is a crossbred dairy cow comprised of NZ Fresian, Holstein, Brown Swiss, and Swedish Red & White. Her milk is A2/A2 milk and is much easier to digest than some other cow's milk. Never heard of A2 milk? You're not alone! Check out this link for some helpful information on A2 milk.

Our milk cows are grass fed, living on lush pasture during the warmer months and hay during the winter. While they are in milk, they get a small amount of corn meal after milking as a treat. They are friendly and live a quiet and peaceful life with our family.

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