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Black Copper Marans

Gorgeous, dark chocolate brown eggs

Black copper marans chickens originated in the Marans region of France in the 13th century. These chickens are well known for their stunning, dark brown eggs. They are a good-sized dual-purpose bird with lovely black and rust coloring as well as feathered legs and feet. Our chickens have been carefully selected for their calm, no-nonsense temperament, as well as their large size and dark eggs. The eggs are so beautiful and come in a wide variety of shades. Some even have speckles! We started with hatching eggs and chicks from Thornfield Poultry in North Carolina. Although we don't show our birds, we do aim for the standard of perfection and hatch only from our darkest eggs.

Our chickens are fed soy-free, non gmo feed and have large, protected runs with so much grass that we need to keep it mowed.

All of the photos below are of our personal chickens.

Chicks & Hatching Eggs

We offer hatching eggs shipped or local pick-up and will occasionally offer day-old, straight run chicks for local pick-up. 

Please see our pricing page for details

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