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Farm Fresh Eggs

Rainbow colors - God's Easter basket!

Here at Legacy Farm, we raise egg laying chickens who give us eggs in a variety of colors. There are white, tan, blue, green, brown, and dark brown eggs. They are so pretty and bring us a lot of joy!

Our chickens are raised in coops with large, protected runs. The runs provide them with all the grass they need to explore and dig around for bugs and lots of sunshine. The runs are big enough that we have to regularly cut the grass in the warmer months. They are surrounded by electric fencing and covered in bird netting to keep them nice and safe. They also have electric coop doors that are programmed to open at sunrise and close at sunset so they don't miss one second of fresh air and sunshine.

Our chickens are fed soy-free, non-GMO feed from Sunrise Farms. Most of them have been hatched and raised right here on our farm with lots of snuggles from our kids. 

Why farm fresh eggs? 

Studies show that farm fresh eggs have less cholesterol and saturated fat than those purchased from the store. Additionally, they also contain 25% more vitamin E, 75% more beta carotene and up to 20 times more Omega-3 fatty acids. This is all according to a Mother Earth News Study that has been verified multiple times. Not to mention the freshness! Store bought eggs can be as much as 2 months old already by the time they are purchased by you. The eggs you buy here are no more than a few days old.

Egg Handling

You might notice that our eggs can sometimes be a little dirty. That's because they are not washed - and for good reason! When God made chickens, he made them so that their eggs are kept fresh and protected without any intervention from us. At the very end of the laying process, the egg is coated with a protective layer called the, "Bloom". This protective coating helps prevent bacteria from entering the egg through the pourous shell. Our eggs are also kept at room temperature. With the bloom in tact, they can be kept at room temperature for up to 2 weeks and in the refrigerator for 2 months. Once you wash them, they need to be kept in the refrigerator but will last for about 3 months.

Here is a great link with a lot of information about farm fresh eggs.

How to Purchase

Our eggs are available by donation. Simply pay what you feel they are worth. The money helps our family, who has been called away from our traditional jobs to start a ministry. The all brown eggs are Mr. Beiler's, who owns the farm. The rainbow colored eggs are ours. There is a container for the egg money that is separate from the milk money. Just take what you'd like and put your money in the container. The amount of eggs varies but we typically get at least 4 dozen a day between the two of us. You are welcome to come any time. The eggs are located in the milk house and it is not connected to anyone's home. Just pull straight in towards the barn and the milk house is on the left.

Our address is: 3112 Stuarts Draft Hwy, Stuarts Draft, VA

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