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Homemade, melt-in-your-mouth, AMAZING little treats!

One Christmas, early in our missionary journey, we didn't have a lot of money to purchase gifts for our friends and family. I prayed and asked God what I could make with what He had already provided. That's when I discovered a recipe for buttermints that included minimal ingredients, one of which being heavy cream. Knowing that we have fresh raw milk everyday with a lovely cream line, I decided to give it a try using the raw cream rather than half and half. I made a few jars and gave them out to a few friends. They enjoyed them so much that they asked if they could purchase some. Everything has just grown from there and our buttermints are now locally well known and sought after! All glory to God for anwering my prayer!

You can try these delicious little treats yourself! Just stop by the milk house and grab some, they are in the refrigerator. They are not available all the time, but I try to make some at least once a month. I will also color them, from time to time, with dye free food coloring. They are best if kept in the refrigerator, although you can keep them on the counter. They also freeze really well!


If you don't live nearby, I'm happy to ship some to you the next time I make them. Just reach out and let me know!

As with many of the products we offer, the price of these little goodies is by donation. We trust the Lord that those who are able to, will bless us, and those who can't, will be blessed with a delicious treat or a nice gift to share with someone.  

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