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Welcome to Legacy Farm

Legacy Farm exists to pass on a legacy of caring for God's creatures to our family and community; reflecting a lifestyle of caring in a positive way. We hope to share the beauty and peace that the interactions with the animals can bring to our lives.

We have found that there is a certain ordained rhythm to life when we work in cooperation with God's creation. The bonds we form with the animals as we care for them brings a calming joy that we haven't found anywhere else. 

Why chickens?

When we take the time to really watch them, it is fun to see how they live and relate to one another. They are kind, they look out for eachother, and they are funny.

When they interact with us, they are curious, engaging, and peaceful.

God has created them with a magnificent variety of colors, feather patterns, shapes, and sizes. 

It is rewarding to provide something to the community that is beneficial and also provides joy.

We enjoy meeting people when they come to purchase eggs or chicks.

It is challenging and fulfilling to care for them and provide them with a good home.


At Legacy Farm, we raise chickens for eggs and for chicks.  We also raise some cows both dairy and beef. Feel free to browse through the website to learn more about the different types of animals we raise.

Thank you for visiting! We hope to meet you in person sometime!

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